Project Description

Poster Designer: Sohrab Ebrahimi

In this report, an attempt has been made to describe the quality and dimension of the documentaries titled “The Series of Meetings about the City and the City-dweller”.

The meeting series of the city and the city-dweller began with the presentation of 10 films during six meetings on February 10, 2016 and ended on May 10, 2017. The films were featured in the New Media community according to the schedule with appropriate facilities. As usual, the directors and audiences gathered after each show to discuss the contents produced by the film and the organizers avoided the association of any value with the truth and led the momentum of the discourse of the meeting by attempting to reveal the mechanisms. In the meantime, if we want to categorize the generated content of these meetings, we might consider the following points as the prominent elements of “the city and the city dweller”.

– Avoiding mere observation in making documentaries

– Avoiding the nostalgic view of the city

– Addressing the city as a center and combination of political-economic relations

– Attention to collective rather than individualistic affairs

– Countering the disciplinary mechanisms and the market logic

– Attention to the role of media and its impact

– The awareness of the multiple realities and avoiding relativism

– Avoiding any cooperation with the bureaucratic systems and the institutional procedures


It seems that the first step in collecting the fragments of life and building a human city is nothing but the power of imagination and one’s will.

Finally, the films shown during these meetings are accompanied by a Persian written report link and the photos.

– “The Melody that is Becoming Antique”, “Autobiography”, “The Coldness of Irion”, “Hussein Yavari” | Director: Khosrow Sinai | Report

– “Among the waves” | Director: Mina Keshavarz | Report

– “Conversation with the Revolution”, “The Day of Fire” / Director: Robert Safarian | Report

– “Iranian Cinema: From Constitutionalism to Spanta” / Director: Mohammad Tahaminezhad | Report

– “The Twentieth Circle of the Accused” / Director: Hessam Eslami | Report

– “One Hundred and Three Days” | Director: Mehdi Bakhshi Moghadam | Report