We don’t know when and where will arrive. These two characteristics together make arrhythmia to be unique; it is continuous but not scheduled; it is always probable to exist but not subject to a place.

Not being subject to any time or place carves a liquidity on bodies which leads to distinguish itself from all other existences. Sometimes it occurs in between gaps; it is there when an abscission occurs and, with a novel plan, reveals an apparently pure uniformity.

Neither existence nor inexistence of arrhythmia is clear. At the time of existence it isn’t and at the time of inexistence it drifts in existence. Such an existence is neither mortal to be losable, nor immortal to be praised… It stays, stays and stays and when everyone thinks it is going to stay forever, it leaves, leaves and leaves and when death hymn begins, comes back with a smile…



About us

Arrhythmia Social Research and Filmmaking Group is a bridge between Sociology and Cinema. Arrhythmia reviews visual data and attempts to reveal the role of the mechanism of power discourses in constructing the reality. This path will only be possible by using critical sociology and will be emancipated with the sociological imagination. Arrhythmia tries to expand the use of visual data in sociological studies, and also sociological ideas in filmmaking. Besides, strives to establish a link with the academic area with the aim of developing conceptual frameworks and the expansion of theoretical perspectives. Moreover, Arrhythmia makes the sociological film by relying on social studies and also contributes with social filmmakers. Finally, Arrhythmia helps social researchers and filmmakers who work on Iran issues.


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